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Stone Balancing

 Alex Volpe
Hairdresser, M
akeup designer, educator, Image consultant

Even Kings and Queens need advicers and consultant!

One of the most important aspect of what we would like to do is the right planning and what it would entail!

Face to face, Online, WhatsApp or email consultation for as long as it requires to come up with options to be considered when a look change is desired.

Setting up your freelance or salons business and would like to get a clear mind for your business formula pros and cons?

My Story

I guess you have read already information about my professional  background in the previous page but most important is what I can do now for you to help you to make some changes in your look without having to visit a salon and feeling rushed or obliged to accept what is on offer at that moment.

In the comfort of your chosen space and time, once I have some background history and visuals available we can discuss different options for your aesthetical  needs.

If you are a business owner or intent to start one and want to clarify your formula to follow, than my experience and technical  know how will help you to be assertive about your plans or make new ones.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+356 79 37 77 17

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