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Alex Volpe Academy's Director and Educator completed his education as Hairdresser, initiated in Rome, Italy, learning the skills of hair & makeup for Films, TV, and Stage in London in 1991.
In 1992 Alex started his career working with Ann Oldham as junior hair and makeup artist in the BBC series “The Borrowers”.
Since then, he has worked with some of Hollywood’s and UK's biggest names during his long career in the film & TV industry over 30 ye
ars of experience and in the Hair salon world firstly in Rome, Italy then in London opening his own salon, Fulham.
Alex is an eclectic individual and has developed a wide range of skills; from special makeup appliance and effects in various assignments such as “Welcome to Sarajevo” as Hair ,makeup and special makeup artist and in many more Films and TV productions. 
He has matured and continues to extend his abilities to head Hair and makeup department; Taking responsibility as Chief hairdresser in “A Good Woman” caring for Scarlett Johansson and Helen Hunt personally, and from there on working, as Head of Department, in a variety of features films throughout Europe.

Alex won an RTS Television award UK with Anne Oldham in the TV drama for Channel Four “Sword of Honour”.


London Academy Hair and Makeup Malta
is committed to become a leading vocational training center in Malta by generating wise knowledgeable and technically competent personals through quality delivery of training.
In this process the training center continuously improve the trainer quality improvement process. 

- transparency – which will be a requirement of all involved in the system
- continuous improvement – using self-assessment and internal and external monitoring
- external scrutiny – such as monitoring, evaluation, and inspection, which will help support the self-assessment process and quality improvements

- planning and programming of the work
- teaching and support to learning
- participants‟ accomplishments
- material conditions and human resources
- professional development of staff
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